Actually, what IS buckling?!

When any paper gets wet, it can expand unevenly and this can cause rippling, cockling or buckling. This happens to watercolour paper too. If you are only painting small sections then this is less likely to happen, but for larger areas of paint this is a common occurrence.

In the YouTube video above we explain what happens if you paint onto loose paper; what happens if you use masking tape; and then what happens if you stretch your paper with gummed tape.

All of this in under 10 minutes!

Stretching your paper will always give you the best result, and it's easier to do than it sounds. If you do intend to stretch your paper, do it the day before you intend to draw or paint on it, don’t leave it to the last minute. That way you'll get better results. :-)

Materials list underneath the YouTube video.

Enjoy :-)

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