Does your White matter?

This video will help those who are struggling with the white bases in their dutch pours. In this video I’ve switched to a different white to see if I can get better results, and I do! In advance of anyone watching this video, I really ought to apologise for all the menopause references. But I'm not going to. So there. 😅 🤒
3 pours, 2 hot sweats, one great final result. 😂 🎨

If you enjoy this video, PLEASE do give it a thumbs up, thank you! 👍

And if you would like to try this out for yourself in our fabulous next Paint Pouring Workshop then why not book into tomorrow’s session here in Bishop's Stortford?
Wednesday 19th February 7-9.30pm, all refreshments and materials included in the price, details on our booking calender.

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