We're in print!

Last week The Bishop's Stortford Independent Newspaper popped round for a cup of tea and a paint pour!

They also wanted to know more about our breast cancer life drawing class, and so we were happy to share details so that they can help us to to get our message out to as many ladies as possible.

This private, one-off session is open to any lovely ladies who are struggling with a breast cancer diagnosis and for those who have had it in the past. Breast cancer surgery and treatment takes its toll, but often we can't take time out to acknowledge it's impact because our daily routine regains control, and we just have to 'get on with it'. So this art session is a unique opportunity for breast cancer sufferers and survivors to get together with a cup of tea and refreshments in a private and quiet setting. To bond and chat about your experiences, to take a little time out just for you, whilst at the same time trying life drawing, often for the very first time.

If you know someone who is struggling after surgery and need a little time out to do something for themselves, why not consider getting involved with art, no actual talent necessary!

Online article here.
Breast cancer life drawing event details here.


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