Watercolour Workshop
Watercolour Workshop

If you haven't got time to trawl the net for supplies, below are some suggested items, mostly on Amazon.
These options were the most cost effective brands that we could find at the time of upload, and are tailored for absolute beginners.

PLEASE NOTE: Items online do change over time so it's always worth looking around for the best deals.

Pencil Workshop Supplies

Plain Pencils

Coloured Pencils

Eraser fine

Eraser thick

Blending Stump

Watercolour Supplies

Watercolour paints and Gouache

  • Tubes are easier to use than pans/cubes.
  • Cheap craft/kids paints will be much harder to work with and lower quality.
  • Get a range of colours, the minimum required is red, yellow and blue.
  • When specific colours are needed for a painting we will let you know in advance of the class.
  • The option above right comes with brushes but they are small so you will still need to purchase the right brush (see below)
  • White gouache is better than white watercolour for strong highlights.

Watercolour paper

  • Cold pressed or 'Not' paper is recommended, it gives a lovely textured effect. You can use any watercolour paper though.
  • Regular paper doesn't hold water well so is not recommended.
  • We'll be using at least 2 sheets of A4 paper per workshop.
  • 300gsm is a great thickness.
  • If the above options are too pricey then The Works does a cheap version for under £5 here.


Watercolour brushes
  • Choose round tipped brushes, any clean brush similar to the photo above will do.
  • Synthetic is preferable to real animal hair (real hair can be softer and harder to manage).
  • 2 sizes preferable. Anything between 10-12 and a really small fine brush.
    Some brushes have the numbers on the handle.

Board Stretching

If you are painting onto A4 paper then make sure you use a board which is slightly larger than A4. A3 and up is fine. I've tried a few types of boards and they've worked fine. Some warp a little over time but for beginners most boards will be ok.

  • Board option 1. You can probably get thick board from B&Q. Tell them it's for stretching watercolour paper.
  • Board option 2: Cheap board (but may bend a bit): Hobbycraft.
  • Gummed tape. Amazon.

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